Welcoming a World-Class Indonesian Mining Company, Merdeka Cooper Gold as A New Member of Creatio No-Code Community

23 May 2022

Jakarta, Oktober 31 2021 – We would like to welcome PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk (Merdeka Copper Gold) as a new customer of iSystem Asia at the end of October 2021. It’s a strong movement from Merdeka Cooper Gold to pursue their dream to be the global leader in the Indonesian mining and metal industry through digital transformation. In order to start their initiatives to do the digital transformation, iSystem Asia brings the no-code technology from Creatio as a new solution to accelerate the digital transformation process and development.

In response Merdeka Copper Gold needs, iSystem Asia which has vast expertise in the information technology industry as a professional consultant and trainer, provided digital training for Merdeka Copper Gold’s IT department on how to use the no-code platform efficiently.

Aina Neva Fiati, Managing Director of iSystem Asia, is excited to support Merdeka Copper Gold efforts to start the digital transformation movement, making them one step ahead beyond their competitor. “We believe that we are the best partner to assist Merdeka Copper Gold to do the digital transformation adopting the no-code technology from Creatio.”

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