PT Cipta Futura cooperates with iSystem Asia for the Implementation of an Effective and Efficient Warehouse Management System

6 April 2022

Jakarta, January 4, 2022—PT Cipta Futura, which currently owns an oil palm plantation in Muara Enim, South Sumatra, has the vision to become a sustainable plantation integrated with the surrounding community and the environment.

Not only that, but PT Cipta Futura, or CIFU, is a corporation that places a premium on employee camaraderie. CIFU prioritizes warehouse management processes rooted in the company’s culture and vision to make workers’ jobs easier.

On January 4, 2022, iSystem Asia had the honor to conduct a Project Kick-Off with PT Cipta Futura to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the warehouse management process using no-code technology platform from Creatio Studio.

The pandemic is no longer an obstacle for CIFU and iSystem Asia. Through virtual meetings via Zoom, iSystem Asia has succeeded in helping CIFU implement Creatio’s Low-Code No-Code technology for warehouse management systems, which cover the areas of inventory processing, namely: master data, request processing, transaction processing, purchase order processing, notifications, dashboards, and report.

Aina Neva Fiati, Managing Director of iSystem Asia, supports CIFU’s efforts to become more efficient in developing an integrated strategy for palm oil production and processing. “Companies must quickly adapt to any changes. With Creatio, companies will have the confidence to take a step towards a new level, ready to face the challenges and opportunities of life in the future. Thank you for the trust of companies using Creatio.”

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